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for tips and insights to build workflows around calm productivity.

Higher education culture is unsustainable.

  • Anxiety, burnout, and an inability to prioritise your high-value projects.
  • Chronic stress and reactivity preventing you from doing your best work.
  • Poor work-life balance and reduced overall wellbeing.

Welcome to Head space for academics

  • Identify sub-optimal working practices.
  • Build new habits and routines around high-value projects.
  • Create meaningful outputs and sane default behaviours.

Courses for individuals

Are you trying to be more productive while maintaining balance and a sense of calm?

These courses will help you build intentional workflows and habits around managing time and email effectively, and building sustainable note-taking and information processing systems.

Create meaningful, high-value work without sacrificing your personal life through calm productivity. You can make progress on meaningful, high-value academic work without feeling stressed, distracted, and burned out. By embracing a sustainable workflow, the Head space courses help you create space in your day without sacrificing your ability to do great work.

Head space courses

For busy academics who are stressed, under pressure, and working extended hours just to get through a normal workload.

Explore diverse topics covering a range of core activities for academics.

Implement workflows for sustainable approaches to academic work.

Create high-value, meaningful work without sacrificing your personal life.

Coaching for projects

Are you working on a professional development project that will help you move your career forward, but have been struggling to make meaningful progress?

The Head space coaching programme is designed to help academics become more productive and focused on their high-value projects.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, participants identify meaningful work that often gets pushed aside, set achievable goals, and develop personalised systems and routines to create the head space needed to make progress. The coaching sessions help establish a deliberate practice to improving academic productivity and ensuring time is spent on the most impactful work.

Head space coaching

For academics who need guidance and support to change their practices around moving high-value projects forward.

Define the most important areas of your own practice.

Identify the areas of work taking the most time and creating the least value.

Build new habits and routines to make progress on high-value projects.

Workshops for teams

The Head space programme is designed with busy academics in mind; people who are committed to their work, trying to create high-quality outputs, but who feel overwhelmed with the increasing demands of academia in the 21st century.

High-volume information flows, lack of systems and frameworks to support decision-making, and limited space in a packed schedule make it difficult to focus on personal and professional development.

“Head space workshops are about getting the best out of your staff, rather than trying to get the most out of them.”

Head space workshops

A half-day, in-person session where we review the biggest challenges facing participants, and explore principles and strategies for creating a calm yet productive working environment.

Identify challenges facing small teams working in higher education contexts.

Discuss strategies for creating calmer working environments.

Establish systems to enhance communication, collaboration, and coordination.

Do you need this?

“Head space is a framework for deliberate practices around calm productivity.”

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Course developer and coach

Michael Rowe

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